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Supported by LION Corporation, Japan

Purposes of the Awards

  1. To encourage research and practice of Preventive Dentistry among Asian undergraduate dental students.
  2. To recognize quality community project and clinical/epidemiologic research in Preventive Dentistry in Asia.

Categories of Competition

Both Undergraduate Student and Professional who submitted abstract for poster presentation can apply for the competition.

Awards for each category

  • First Prize (US$ 1,000 + Plaque)
  • Second Prize (US$ 700 + Certificate)
  • Third Prize (US$ 500 + Certificate)


To be considered for the competition:

  1. The work must be community project or clinical/epidemiologic research related to preventive dentistry. Laboratory or animal research are not eligible.
  2. On the abstract form and presentation, the entrant must be listed as first (or corresponding) author and presenter of the abstract entered for the competition. Co-authors, if any, should also be listed on both the abstract and the presentation.
  3. The contestant’s research may not have been published or presented at any major scientific meeting prior to the AAPD2021 Conference in October 2021.

How to Apply

Candidates MUST submit an abstract for poster presentation via the AAPD2021 Abstract Submission site by the abstract deadline date of August 29, 2021 and indicate that they would like to participate in the Award Competition.